Spending the entire day at desk is an inevitably complicated one for the office goers! So creating a pleasant workplace is quite mandatory to keep yourself a little away from too much stress. You might have stayed unaware of its actual importance; in that case this article would help you understand better! 

Bear it in mind that every little thing matters in your workplace! It can be anything, like the height of your seat or your monitor’s position and many more which can highly hinder your productivity and undoubtedly affect your health as well! There is much science involved here and you got to really know it to set up for productivity and ergonomics at your work environment.  

Just imagine of starting your day in front of messed-up chairs and desks, bad lightings and uncomfortably placed monitor, it’s enough to ruin your mood right? But with little adjustments it’s easily possible to overcome the difficulties and stop your stress from eating you up completely.



You might find it silly but trust me; plants are capable of enlightening your mood and help you carry out your work effectively! Because it’s a proven fact by most of the scientists that indoor plants are highly beneficial in preventing fatigue while doing attention-demanding tasks. So having a couple of plants around your work area is never ever a bad idea.



Color psychology is one happening and an interesting area of study. The history of several big shots using this technique to stimulate their customer base is still counting. One perfect example is in the case of McDonalds who uses yellow and red in their theme as those two are high-energy shades which eventually trigger the level of appetite. So your office colors too can significantly influence you and your performance.



Having a poor lighting set up at your work area is undoubtedly devastating as harsh or dull lighting can badly affect your health and mind-set. Natural light is the perfect one to be used contrary to the poor lighting which can end up in fatigue, frustration and eye-strain. 



I hope no one would disagree with this! Sound is an expert in both making as well as breaking a person’s frame of mind! Working in a noisy ambience will be absolutely distracting and irritating yet it’s not always possible to stop the noise around so you can barely find a better idea than using noise-cancelling headphones with soothing music or other stuffs to stay and work relaxed.    


Tips to set up your desk ergonomically:

The ergonomics of workplace is one crucial area of consideration apart from the office designs. It’s high time to create a work environment which keeps you safe and healthy.  Generally corporate companies tend to engage ergonomic consultants to construct staff’s workstations to lessen the risk of workers from getting injured and let them stay productive. But if they don’t seem to care, then it’s your matter of concern to think ergonomically for your welfare. 


Perfect Desk Height:

The height of the desk should be up to your utmost level of comfort in using it. Say like your hands and arms must be parallel to the floor with your legs fitted conveniently beneath the desk and flexible to move. Your physical comfort is too important to stay attentive and effective in your work. 

Ideally ergonomic chairs:

Chairs hold equal importance like desks do! The size, depth of seat, height, material quality and lumbar of the chair are very much needed to be best suitable for the person who works on it so you are never given the benefit of doubt in terms of ergonomic chairs.

Have proper posture:   

Your dedication has nothing to do with your health consciousness. It’s not that you can be called a good resource only when you work non-stop all throughout the day! If you prefer to rest a while that isn’t a sin! Sitting in the same position in one place can adversely break your physical and mental health. Take breaks frequently, stretch and move around, change your posture based on your convenience to keep your spine in its natural shape and particularly to avoid getting back pain.